Monday, March 7, 2011

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Fans, friends, family, students, coaches, kids, and teammates – Welcome to the first edition of Catching Up with the Hoosiers (the only bad pun is a pun that goes unsaid) with Wes and Dylan. Thank you for giving our brand new blog a shot! This is our first time writing one and I promise we aim to entertain, and we will definitely get better each and every week.
 For those of you who don’t know us, we are two good looking, quick witted, and charming senior catchers on the Indiana Baseball squad. This is our fourth lap around as IU student-ATHLETES, and we’ve had some unbelievable experiences along the way. Throughout the years we’ve seen everything from 15 players being stuck in an elevator for 45 minutes, the entire bench getting ejected following an on-field fiasco at Fresno State, priceless spring break pranks, spectacular (and not so spectacular) bus introductions, and countless idiotic dugout rituals. We decided (with the help of Skipper Tracy Smith and our SID Kyle Kuhlman) that in this, our final lap, we should include our fan base in this unscripted, unpredictable behind-the-scenes experience of an Indiana Baseball player.
Dylan: So finally, after taping the entire 2010 season and doing absolutely nothing with the footage, Wes decided to tape the 2011 season… and yet again… do nothing with the footage. Luckily for you, we (I mean I, but have to include him out of politeness) decided that it’s time to stop hoarding the film and let our fans see the hilarious antics of the roughly 40 man cast that comprises our Hoosier Baseball family. Since Skip already does a great job with (the big budget, high-end production) weekly updates that everyone loves, we decided to keep ours in written form with a short video clip at the end (because we’re shorter on time and have no budget space to work with). Think of our blog as a compliment to the already established franchise that is “Skip’s Scoop.” Your turn Wes.
Wes: We’re going to include a little more authentic and impromptu part of our program: the players. Between airports, bus rides, and hotel rooms, there are plenty of untold stories just waiting to be made public. We’ll even give our takes on the sentiments in the locker room, as well as showing our teammates some love if they deserve it (as I’m typing this, Dylan is reminding me this blog isn’t about us, it’s about our teammates – but we’ll see). Oh, and by the way, let me remind you that we are a pretty good baseball team on the field too (Dylan: Understatement of the Year).
Dylan: Sorry for the long introduction today. We can’t be more excited about the season ahead, and I promise the Road to Omaha is going to be a great ride on and off the field. It’s our pleasure to invite you to enjoy every part of the trip.
Here is small (spicy) taste of the things to come, this is our first video, starring “The Pride of Rockport” aka “Papa Monski” aka Blake “Monski” Monar in the Houston Airport...

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