Sunday, March 13, 2011

Thank You, So far, and Knipp/Lambert Pro Day Video

Well, the number of responses to our first introductory blog was much bigger than even our conceited selves expected, and we want to say "Thanks!" We’d like to specifically shout out to Dustin Dopirak (@DustinDopirak) of the Bloomington Herald-Times and everyone’s favorite fountain of IU knowledge, Jeremy Gray (@jfgray) for showing our blog some Twitter love. Much appreciated. We got mostly positive reviews, a few jealous comments from our teammates, and several requests and ideas for future postings (keep them coming). However, all that really matters is that our parents loved it and are so very, very proud of us! (Love you too!) As for our less forgiving followers, we promise we’ll get better every week…which should be evident in the serious video upgrade we made for the end of today’s (pretty long 'catch you up-to speed') blog.

GOOD NEWS: Spring Break is coming up, and with that, comes our chance to be “Sun Gods”. The purpose of spring break is to go down to warmer weather, bask in the sun, meet tons of cute(ish) softball girls, and see a few JUCO guys partying hard enough to put Charlie Sheen to shame. Spring break stories are legendary ones that stay with teams forever. The ingredients are all there: 25 college kids, long flights and bus rides, endless downtime, and no school the entire time. So, don't be surprised to see a couple updates from the road. Once we get all that out of the way, we, as Coach Ben Greenspan would say, “FIND A WAY” to mix in a few baseball games (8 of them actually, in 8 days).

Apparently in order to keep our relationship with IU Sports Marketing and the blog working we have to include baseball from time to time (Dumb we know). We apologize (Don't hesitate to email Kyle with complaints). So with that said…let’s get caught up on the season so far:

Wes: Our goals this season are lofty by IU standards, heck, by anyone’s standards really. Four years ago when we came here as freshmen, I think we had visions of being this good, but really didn’t know exactly how that would come about. Now, we are still here and have the talent and depth to make a serious run at the Top 25 polls. No, not the Top 25 Party School polls, but the Top 25 College Baseball polls. Our team KNOWS that this is a possibility and this confidence is evident from the oldest guys on the team (Resident Granddads Carr and Lambert) to the young’ns (Dylan interjects: Think about this. Lambert has been here so long… He played with a guy, who played with a guy, that played here in the 1990s. He’s seen it all!). Two years ago we made a run at the right time to clinch an automatic berth in the NCAA tournament, but I’m here to tell you that we might not need an auto berth this year. Our goal is to leave no doubt who the cream (and Crimson) of the Big Ten crop is, and instead be the focus point of other teams in an NCAA Regional. This is lofty talk so early in the season, but it’s reality. Bulletin board material or not, the Hoosiers are tryin’ ta get up in ya.

Dylan: Don’t be scared to give other teams bulletin board material Wes. If something isn’t controversial it’s not worth discussing (at least that’s my thought), plus you didn’t lie. Up-to this point in the season we are 8-5, which is the best start against the best schedule since I’ve been at Indiana. And my favorite part is that we are NOT happy about it. The first weekend went ‘okay’, I mean we beat a ranked Coastal Carolina; the second weekend we smashed a good Texas A&M CC team and beat a ranked UConn squad; and most recently we won 2 out of 3 by beating Tennessee, an SEC team (NCAA would have you believe this means something), and OVC team Morehead State. So you would look at those wins and our record and say “pretty good” wouldn’t you? No. Not with us. I wish I could describe how we felt after losing those games on Sunday, even after winning the other two games; it felt like we got swept… going 2-1 on the weekend felt like we got swept. We’re good. We expect to win every game and are not happy about being 8-5 against a great schedule, because the toughest team on that schedule has been Indiana. So don’t let our jovial off-the-field mood and antics lead you to believe we’re getting complacent… we’re not, it’s just hard to turn off this charm sometimes.

Well enough about baseball… Since this was slightly longer and more serious than we really want, we stepped up our video game. After a stellar weekend in TN we had to feature T.C. Knipp (Dylan: he is also our 'in' with the Greek community at IU and frankly I'm doing this blog for the Sorority girls). T.C. and Brian Lambert decided to let you in on their secret to success… the Knipp/Lambert Combine Workout. ENJOY.


  1. This workout absolutely, positively CRUSHES Skip's P90 workout. How about gettin' my baseball Hoosier kid on the Knipp/Lambert workout?!!


  2. Bosco,

    Absolutely better! Any kid who likes Hoosier Baseball can absolutely get on the Knipp/Lambert workout... We might even run him through it ourselves!