Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Long Trip to Iowa

Wes: We finished off another Big Ten foe this past weekend; coming back from 3 runs down with 2 outs in the 9th on Sunday to beat Ohio State. Ironically, it was T.C. Knipp of the Knipp-Lambert Combine Workout who sent his beloved Buckeyes packing with his 3 RBI triple (He reportedly wept in the comforts of his FIJI room and wrote OSU a handwritten letter apologizing). Between beating Ohio State and missing Little 500 week with his fraternity brothers, it's amazing Knipp has been able to gather himself to even make it up to Iowa this weekend. Rumor has it he has been put on cleaning duty usually reserved for pledges as punishment for his absence.

Since our publication of the Knipp-Lambert Combine Workout mentioned above, both athletes have been noticed in class and on campus by random people who have watched the video. First, we’d like to thank you all for spreading the word, but we’d also like to pay homage to the effectiveness of their workout and that its influence can be felt across the IU campus. We see it as no coincidence that both of these men recently received the IU Army ROTC’s Warrior award for their leadership on and off the field for our team. They both deserve and have earned the honor. Congratulations.

Beating Ohio St. was good, but now our sights are set on the Iowa Hawkeyes. We spent most of today playing the waiting game, seeing if the weather was going to play out how they predicted. Eventually, the game was postponed so that we play two on Saturday, so we went to the heralded Coral Ridge Mall in Iowa City to let us run around a lil’ bit.

Dylan: We have had a pretty great week up to this point. Won the Ohio State series; got to experience some of 'Lil 5' at the Lil' Wayne Concert; and we beat Indiana State in a pretty good game (thanks to Knipp again). Now we're in Iowa. We've been here since Thursday (it is now Saturday at noon) and we still haven't played thanks to torrential downpours and snow. Luckily it has been an interesting trip with our new bus driver; the ever enthusiastic Mr. Mike. I've got Carlos to keep me and Reed company in the room, Monar and Drew have had enough time to successfully 'creep' through every IU female's Facebook page… Twice; and we went to the mall so Skip could continue his second career of film critiquing. Unfortunately the funniest part of the weekend was so impromptu I didn't have the camera out for it… Wesley danced, twerked, and booty dropped in the local Hardees for a free milkshake; and it worked. So for all of those people who see his on the field antics and wonder why he does some things… I can answer that for you. It's just Wes and it's 100% real. He can't turn it off and quite frankly after the initial reaction of wanting to punt him, it's absolutely hilarious.

So, even though we didn't get the Hardee's dance sesh on tape we do have one from our trip this weekend… By the way… I know you see some repeat characters in our video, but trust me we've tried to spread the love; young guys are just camera shy… and Serfling has a problem of staring at the camera every time it's on. We'll keep trying our best to show all 35 of the squad sometime, but we can only lead a horse to water…

Talk atcha soon.

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